Everybody wants to Become Younger, but not everybody wants to do more than wishful thinking about it. If we want to Become Younger and Healthier, we must DO something about it.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006



Friday, December 22, 2006


Merry Christmas Everyone!

I would like to thank
those of you
who have taken the time
to send me your kind
words of my Birthday.

Please know that I deeply appreciate it.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


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Monday, December 18, 2006


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Sunday, December 17, 2006


Last time a few people ask me about rheumatism, back pain and joints problem.
My Comments Section didn't work well, so I got a few e-mails with these kinds of questions:

-what do you think about lemon juice and vitamin C because many suggest that it is not good to eat citrus when I suffer joints problem ?
-what do you suggest is helpful in osteoporosis problem?

-causes of pain and methods of prevention (joint, bone, and muscle pains)
-from what kind of food should I get more energy?
and more

I’ll try to write what I know , but remember if you have a big problem only your doctor is a competent person.

Remember that everybody is different.

I’ll write general information( look in blog- Article).
Send me an e-mail if you need personal advice (look in -About me).
If you have any experience at these questions please share in the Comment Section so we can learn and help each other.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


From my bloger friends

From Hannelie:
I've been told that many of my readers have problems with commenting on my blog. I have to say I actually noticed my comment tally dropped and was wondering if my posts were really boring.So for now, it seems to be the trouble with Beta that I've switched too.
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From Keshi:
First of all, if I'm not in your blogs anymore there is a stinking reason for that.Since I'm a Classic blogger, I cannot comment in Beta blogs that don't allow Anonymous comments. It's pissing me off big time. Even if you allow Anonymous comments, I really don't like leaving Anonymous comments that make me look like some faceless gunk walking around with a pillowcase over her head. I like to be able to login and have my profile pic for identification when I comment. If Blogger can't get that to work and if Blogger is making us Classic bloggers look like some old trash that need to be flushed into Beta, then that's when I'd really stop blogging for good, not when I die like I said in my last post. Just this morning I gave up trying to comment in 3 Beta blogs and left tearing my hair out feeling like an illegal immigrant.
Read more: Psychedelicious

For all you Beta Bloggers

I appreciate any help you could give me.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Many bloogers cannot leave comments on this blog.
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Monday, December 11, 2006



It is also essential for maintaining good health.
No oxidation reaction can happen without Vitamin C and we would die, defenseless against viruses that constantly attack our body. Our blood vessels would be unable to circulate blood - they would turn into a system of empty tubes.
Unfortunately Vitamin C is a very volatile substance. It disintegrates under the influence of direct sunlight or even regular daylight; cooking in temperature over 212 F (100 C) also destroys it. For example, cooking vegetable soup destroys 50% of Vitamin C, and leaving the soup on the stove for another three hours causes it to lose another 20%. If we let it stand for another six hours or warm it up again, it practically loses all its. This way, if we mainly eat cooked food and on top of that warm it up a few times, we get only minimal amounts of Vitamin C from it.
Luckily, we can fill this gap by eating fruits and vegetables, which contain a lot of Vitamin C. The benefits of eating raw fruits and vegetables have been discovered rather late. Earlier such diet wasn’t recommended - especially for the elderly - because a lot of people experience some form of digestive system disorders.
Are you biologically younger, older, or the same as your calendar age?
Take the free RealAge test:
You’ll get:
-A personalized plan to feel younger
-A list of what’s making you younger or older
Vitamin C makes us immune against colds.
There are epidemic numbers of flu and common cold cases every spring and fall. It suggests that we are highly deficient in this vitamin.

And what about vitamin pills? (next post )

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

CAPRICORN - (click)

I was born - December 22 in Poland. I like this day and this number and this country.
December 22 is the 356th day of the year (357th in leap years) in the Gregorian Calendar.
This is the most common day for winter.

Sorry, I don't like to tell about myself.
I don’t know myself. I don’t know for sure what I'll can do tomorrow.

So I’ll write my DREAMS about myself.

1.I love and I am loved unconditionally.
2.I love and respect other people.
3.I saved the world.
4.I stopped wars, terrorism, homeless, hunger, illness…. .
5.I am talented, beautiful, sexy woman ( why not?)
6.World is the Paradise.
7.I speak English - perfect.

My quote:
I am rich, because I am happy with money and without money.

My favorite quote:
The true perfection of man lies not in what man has but in what man is.

Please, feel free to play this in my comments or on your blog.