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Saturday, December 16, 2006


From my bloger friends

From Hannelie:
I've been told that many of my readers have problems with commenting on my blog. I have to say I actually noticed my comment tally dropped and was wondering if my posts were really boring.So for now, it seems to be the trouble with Beta that I've switched too.
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From Keshi:
First of all, if I'm not in your blogs anymore there is a stinking reason for that.Since I'm a Classic blogger, I cannot comment in Beta blogs that don't allow Anonymous comments. It's pissing me off big time. Even if you allow Anonymous comments, I really don't like leaving Anonymous comments that make me look like some faceless gunk walking around with a pillowcase over her head. I like to be able to login and have my profile pic for identification when I comment. If Blogger can't get that to work and if Blogger is making us Classic bloggers look like some old trash that need to be flushed into Beta, then that's when I'd really stop blogging for good, not when I die like I said in my last post. Just this morning I gave up trying to comment in 3 Beta blogs and left tearing my hair out feeling like an illegal immigrant.
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For all you Beta Bloggers

I appreciate any help you could give me.