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Thursday, August 30, 2007


I am very impressed by the great, talented poet and amazing woman - Nasra Al Adawi.
She not only inspires people with her wonderful poetry, she also does a great work for support of cancer patients.


Let me introduce her blogs:

Read Me

A Window Within Me


I'm sure you will be impressed too.

From Kevinek to Nasra

When all defeats falls on you

Strong river that lost its kindness reach

It drifts all those standing on its way

You put a good smile on your face

You whisper a prayer under your breath....

That standing storng is all you got to do ...

So you put a good smile on

Striking through the dark road

Nasra's dedication for Kevinek

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Do you know that - (click)

Update - Sunday - AUG 26
Don't be scared

It is one of the most beautiful compensations
of life, that no man can sincerely try to help
another without helping himself.
—Ralph Waldo Emerson
Kevinek must visits hospital two times a week.
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin is a very good and very nice hospital, but Kevinek thinks of it in a different manner. He weeps all time and yells: Go uot! Go out!

Thank You to All The Great Friends for your supporting words and prayers.

I'm surrounded by Angels, but I call them Friends.
Thank you so much Carmel for your supporting. I am touched and appreciate your prayer's post.

This photo shows - Kevin is healthy and happy. It was taken about month before this diagnosis.
(this information is for those who never read my posts)
I hope he will be healthy and well.

Friday, August 10, 2007



To all the people

who read this and pray for Kevin's health:


from Kevin and parents.

Thank you Azer
for a beautiful poem for Kevin, we were touched. Kevin is home, taking lots of medications and will have to visit hospital every week. It's just the beginning of a long treatment for him.
Kevin's parents.


Through prayer all things are possible.
A Child's Healing

7. Update: Friday
Kevinek is home. More later.

6. Update:

Tomorrow (Friday) after next chemotherapy Kevinek should go home, if everything will be without complication.


5. Update:
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

4. Update: photos from hospital (more Kevinek's blog - below)
I want to go HOME!!!

First day with chemotheraphy. Saturday 11/07


3. Update:
Enjoy your weekend with meditation:
Remember the Child Within
Doctor said very sad news - Kevin's life is left - about 2 weeks.
My heart is totally broken. I don't believe.
Who knows some medicine instead of chemotherapy?
1. Yesterday I was devastated. I'll be writing soon.
Read here:

What is Leukemia?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Barefoot walk on dew- it is a perfect method for refreshing, reinvigorating and strengthening human body.
One morning, go to a place with clean grass (no splinters, thistles, etc.), take off your shoes and walk barefoot into the dew, for a few minutes. Without wiping off your feet, put on your shoes and take a few more steps or a short walk, to make your blood work well. In the beginning, the walk should last for only 2-3 minutes, but as time goes by, any walk should last longer - not more than 15 minutes, or else we risk to get cold.
The perfect moment to do that, is at dawn.
( I love that ).
It is a perfect remedy for strengthening your body; it becomes more resisting to cold, infections of the kidneys, genitals or bladder disease. It is helpful to clear out emotions and negative thoughts and improve mind peace and produces energy.
It is perfect in case of: chronic urinary and kidney disturbance (nephritis, cistitis, and arthritis), blood circulation through feet, infectious dermatitis, diseases caused by sedentary life, proclivity for bronchitis or lung disease, asthenia, fatness, psychical stress and tiredness, neurosis, etc.

Read more:

Walking barefoot on dew has a special healing power. Internal organs can be influenced by an automatic reflex from the skin.

I like walking barefoot on the small pebbles.

continuance here :
Walking Barefoot

Visit this beautiful blog and read and see more photos:

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