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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Interview with a young Polish yogi - White Flame.

"When you're standing barefoot on the earth, your desires and your life aspirations change. You will look at the world differently. You eliminate confusion, ridding yourself of feelings of pressure and the race for something. You begin to feel the unity of life and the pulsing of the whole universe within you". - White Flame (Samuel)

My road to inedia

I recently interviewed a very interesting young man and, to be honest, I admire him. From the first meeting "The White Flame", because that's who I'm refering to, aroused in me a great interest. Not just because, even in winter, he walks barefoot, but because he leads a life so different than the rest of society ... I saw passion and authenticity in what he does .... I saw his burning, firey spark, the White Flame.

The man I interviewed was Samuel known as White Flame.

Krystyna: Please, introduce yourself.

Samuel: Hey there. I’m Samuel and I’m the author of few blogs on the Internet around the topics of pranic
nourishment and healing with fire. I’m just a normal guy, who dedicated his life to yoga and mind
purification practices. From my education level – I’m a musician and a composer.

K: Your new name „White Flame", why and what does it mean?

S: That nick name isn’t really new, I’m using it for about 10 years or so.
I don’t remember exactly when I used it for the first time. I remembered once that when I was about 17 years old, I had a dream of an older woman, probably a Master, asked me: “have you ever seen the white flame”, then I forgot completely about this dream, and I remembered years later when I was already using this nick. For me it is an American Indians name, a shamans name, that exactly matches to what I do in life, it is just perfect one for me.
I heal, cleans myself and others with fire, candles, fire is one of my basic and fundamental medications, which lift me up back on my own feet straight in life after a series of traumas and some other people as well.
Flame – means the fire, White – means using it for sacred and spiritual purposes (like shifting our consciousness and deepening our meditation) and healing.
The White Flame doesn’t do much in life, it just is there and burns calmly and tries to lights up some darkness around, burns the evil around, which was my wish to do so, I have been placed on earth to generate the Maharishi Effect, which means calming down the world through meditation and cleansing people. There are different invisible beings sometimes working through me, some times I only do things for my own  enlightenment, which achieving the state of Buddha is my most important aim . I believe that, cleansing one persons aura I really help a dozen or so people connected emotionally to that person, generating a domino effect in the society, it creates peace in families, greater relaxation in places of great tension. I try shifting
awareness of people to a more subtle level and less aggressive states.

K: What is Pranarianism?

S: I don’t really know if there is an officially existing word like that, rather not but it circulates around the web among some people. However it reflects exactly what I’m doing and that’s why I like to use it. Shortly speaking for me it is “ an ability to nourish the body with etheric energies (existing in the nature), absorbing them and converting them in the body, which can lead sometimes to life without the need of solid food”. But I promote prana absorption techniques indifferently if someone eats or not. Prana is the key, not the “not eating” called inedia. That’s only my personal definition, everyone has his own different one.
A very popular name relating to his topic is the word “breatharianism”, which I don’t really like as it
is very misguiding and doesn’t contain the essence what it should have, a part somehow relating
it to prana, and prana we absorb from the environment in different ways not only through air, the
“breath” in the word and breathing process, and definitely the techniques which I use are not only
breathing techniques (so called pranayamas). The topic is much more wider than that. It is not
only living on air!
Another name for this phenomenon is “Living On Light” or “Living In Light” and here we have an
imprecision . Some people associate living on light with living on sunlight and sun gazing and
some with living on spiritual “liquid light”, the HOLY SPIRIT which is something different than the
sun and etheric energies existing in the nature. So if we think of living on the sun, it is equal to
pranarianism or at least one of it’s elements, as sun gazing is one of our feeding techniques. If
we think of channelling down energy from spiritual sources, different higher dimensions, that is
something different. In Huna, the energy in the nature is called MANA, and the spiritual energy
MANA MANA. The difference is like in the Bible, SPIRIT of the nature and HOLY SPIRIT of GOD
send down to us from the heavens. I practice both methods, but recently I started to concentrate
more on feeding myself like a plant, including absorbing the energy from the sun, air, earth and
other plants/trees too, which hasn’t been really presented yet publicly properly.

K: Bear footing...

S: Walking bear feet is one of the conditions the techniques I describe to work properly and a beautiful natural experience. It is the most natural thing for our body, for me shoes are almost a crime for our bodies, because their gum sole isolated the body for the earth electromagnetic field which often leads to different kind of sicknesses. Bear foot walking unifies us with the earth and makes our mind/brain function much better and is fundamental for energy feeding. If you don’t have the conditions to walk bear feet, nourishing with prana will never be proper and we’ll feel discomfort.

K: Do you always live on prana?

S: Paradoxically no, and that is also my principle – no strict discipline!!! I once wanted it like that ,
but I understood that it’s not the proper way. Why? It is logical. Every type of feeding the body,
activates different organs for it. Contrarily to a typical human being who strains his digestive
system and stomach eating at least 3 times per day a heavy mix of different stuff, that saying it
simply – makes him sick, and leading to the atrophy of all pranic abilities totally, I try to use and
develop all the systems quite evenly. An average person has a huge part of his brain blocked, the
most subtle canals are slimed because of overeating and lack of fasting in modern culture. The
whole body is destabilised because of eating. But you can also strain the organs responsible for
pranic nourishment as well, if you use only them, so it good to use the stomach from time to time.
Maybe once per week, or per month for example.
People who totally left eating for pranic nourishment, had their stomach shrink completely, and I
have also experienced that myself. It’s a very funny feeling when you feel as if you didn’t have a
stomach :) But I like my stomach, and I will use it from time to time. It is part of this experience on
earth, of human body experience. I have the right to use it, whenever I want to experience the
taste of different foods, sweetness of fruits etc. But I don’t strain it!! When I eat, I make it simple
for the body: I eat mono-type foods at one time, I don’t mix, I don’t join to many substances in
one meal, just one, no spices to cheat the body to put worthless unfresh crap into it. I don’t make
the digesting process hard for the body, I don’t overload it with different chemical rubbish, just
mostly fruits in their natural fresh form guided by intuition.
When I’ll lose the interest in experiencing tasting here on earth, I may move my consciousness to
a different body, similar to a so called gray who doesn’t have a digestive system and doesn’t eat.
A different thing is that I exist in a human society, and people do eat, they eat all the time, and the
whole living is constructed on the base of eating. When I stop eating, I lose connection to people,
I lose interest in this world, my mind floats away somewhere else, I enter a different mind wave
frequency. Unfortunately, on my level of evolution, my survival in this world is based on
connections with people and there is always some business to do. When I meditate in isolation, I
chose to feed with prana, because I have a brighter mind then and a better connection to myself
and for example a chance to heal something in my body through detoxification.

K: How does your feeding life style look like when you’re not living on prana?

S: Because I practice meditation, mainly at home, and not in the forest like Buddha ( also in a
different climate) it cancels my chances of nourishing with energy constantly. When I’m in the
bush, for example in a tropical climate, feeding with energy becomes really easy and simple, and
just comes naturally without any programming or so. Then I have a lot of energy. For example: 2
weeks without any food, walking 10km on sand bear feet, carrying a really heavy bag, not feeling
tired just enjoying really the walk in the suns heat, not really sweating, no thirst. Full connection
with the earth, feeling of unity with everything. Just joy.

 I did practice living totally on divine-spiritual energy, closing myself totally for the nature, and it allowed me to for example: a whole month to work 8 hours a day in a very busy office environment among lots of people, without starring at the sun as I didn’t have time for that, (walking out of home before sunrise, and getting back after sunset), without any hunger, without barefoot walking, sometimes lifting heavy objects, without being weak. But I did feel I was straining a part of my body and I felt discomfort with that. My body didn’t call for food, I wasn’t hungry at all, but it started to beg me to shut down that part at the top of my head/brain that was responsible for the converting the energy and hugely opened and grew. I felt as if I had a gigantic cone above my head and it was beautiful in some sort of way. It was a strain and I learned a lot through this experience. I ate some fruits, the brain shut down ( I literally saw the 7th chakra close down) to a relief to me as the pain of overusing went away, as if I
had run a marathon, and the cone disappeared. If I do this technique again when there is no sun for a longer time, the cone appears again.

- this image shows what I mean, the shape above the head, this is a reality, after a longer time of
divine nourishment in our aura we can observe such shape.
So, if I have a normal life at home, writing for several hours on the computer in a closed room –
which in fact leads the body to shut down the chakras and the absorption of energy from the
nature activating the stomach more, I try to live a way like this:

- in the morning – a session/ meditation, channelling the divine energy, that is my breakfast and
most important food ever, after which I feel well and feel love to everything, love is also
nourishment. I also spend many hours on purification stuff

- some times if the weather is nice and I get up early and then it looks different.
I do watch the sunrise for about 45 min. If not, it maybe the sun set, at least an hour on fresh air
searching for the sun. Sun is very important for me and keeps me in balance. I try to undress
myself to get half naked if possible, and I practice sun gazing bear feet naked. Exposing the skin
to sunlight, for me it is nourishment, we get energy through this. Looking at the sun is a beautiful
experience and gives me enthusiasm to work.
If there is no sun, I try to get the energy from practising qi gong exercises under trees, which also
works great, sometimes better than sun gazing.

- later, if I have a day outside, in the nature, for example working/ spending time in my tipi, that
would be enough for the day, and I rather won’t eat

- if I’m at home, I mean a solid wall building isolated from the earth, then I feel discomfort if I
spend there most of the day, I may start to eat some fruits and juices or nuts. That’s how it works
for me, everyone has it different ;)

Now important: - if I work with my mind, with a client or myself, if I do a past life regression for
example, pulling out heavy emotional content from the mind, some times from deep past, and I’m
going through experiencing heavy emotions, even very wild feeling, this may push me
sometimes to emotional eating, eating stuff which is actually resonating in that moment with those
emotions. Mind purification is always more important for me than my inedia or not. I don’t care if
then I allow myself to temporally eat as this also discharges and lets go of tension too, and is a
part of the cleansing process. It’s like Buddha eating rice to the surprise of his pupils. So if after
the session my body says: “I want a bread” or something I belief is even toxic, that I would
normally never eat, I will give that to it, because releasing pressure on myself is also therapeutic,
and I see this kind of way of releasing emotional mind content as done properly, and eating
something also may trigger a hidden part of a suppressed content of our subconsciousness which
gets dissolved through awareness (however I would never eat meat).
It is like smoking a cigarette to smother something in us temporarily. Working with mind
purification such situations do happen and it is quite normal for people to eat after regressions.
But it’s just emotional eating from not working out all of the topics in life yet and doesn’t last long.

- if I’m in the bushes, or forest or just in the nature somewhere, I usually try to take the full
advantage of it, from the opportunity to feed myself totally easily without any food supporting my
body detoxification this way, and so I rather don’t eat at all, without any symptoms hunger or
For me, all the written above, just sounds logical and doesn’t lead to straining anything in the

K: Samuel, thank you very much for the interview. I still have many questions, and I hope that once again you will open the door and share your new experiences and knowledge. I wish that the White Flame burns forever in your heart and leads you to the path that is chosen for you!

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