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Saturday, August 30, 2008


"I Am My Borther's Keeper" - it is Mel Avila's great idea and I'd like to participate.

Thank you Mel ! I Am My Brother's Keeper!

Cain committed the world's first murder by killing his brother Abel. When God confronted Cain about his brother's whereabout, he gave this classic remark, "Why, am I my brothers's keeper?" Throughout all the ages, man carried this same cavalier attitude towards his fellowmen. He always turned a blind eye on the sufferings of others and we could almost surmise that in his mind, he always carry the same answer that Cain gave to God- "Why, am I my brother's keeper?"

Now, is the time to reverse this decadent attitude of man towards his fellowmen.
Instead, let us show our concern and care for the least of our brethren by declaring these words:

Yes, I am my brother's keeper.
His pain is my pain.
His joy is my joy.
His sorrow is my sorrow.
His happiness is my happiness.
His hunger is my hunger.
His deprivation is my deprivation.
His ignorance is my ignorance.
His poverty is my poverty.
His sickness is my sickness.
His struggles are my struggles.
His loneliness is my loneliness.
His isolation is my isolation.
His imprisonment is my imprisonment.
His tortures are my tortures.
His agonies are my agonies.
His search for truth is my search for truth.
His cry for freedom is my cry for freedom.
His quest for salvation is my quest for salvation.

I cannot just sit here and mind my own business oblivious to what's happening to my brother. I cannot keep a blind eye to his cry for deliverance. I will make a commitment right here and now that henceforth, I will be my brother's keeper and I will do everything in my power to help him in every way I can. So help me God.
Signed this day and attested by me.

Name and Link Date Country

1. Mel Avila Alarilla 08-25-08 Philippines
2. Krystyna 08-30-08 USA

Please copy this manifesto and affix your signature, and post or send it to your friends. Send me a copy of your post or email so I can consolidate the complete manifesto.
Thank you so much. God bless us all. - Mel Avila.

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