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Friday, August 10, 2007



To all the people

who read this and pray for Kevin's health:


from Kevin and parents.

Thank you Azer
for a beautiful poem for Kevin, we were touched. Kevin is home, taking lots of medications and will have to visit hospital every week. It's just the beginning of a long treatment for him.
Kevin's parents.


Through prayer all things are possible.
A Child's Healing

7. Update: Friday
Kevinek is home. More later.

6. Update:

Tomorrow (Friday) after next chemotherapy Kevinek should go home, if everything will be without complication.


5. Update:
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

4. Update: photos from hospital (more Kevinek's blog - below)
I want to go HOME!!!

First day with chemotheraphy. Saturday 11/07


3. Update:
Enjoy your weekend with meditation:
Remember the Child Within
Doctor said very sad news - Kevin's life is left - about 2 weeks.
My heart is totally broken. I don't believe.
Who knows some medicine instead of chemotherapy?
1. Yesterday I was devastated. I'll be writing soon.
Read here:

What is Leukemia?