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Sunday, December 17, 2006


Last time a few people ask me about rheumatism, back pain and joints problem.
My Comments Section didn't work well, so I got a few e-mails with these kinds of questions:

-what do you think about lemon juice and vitamin C because many suggest that it is not good to eat citrus when I suffer joints problem ?
-what do you suggest is helpful in osteoporosis problem?

-causes of pain and methods of prevention (joint, bone, and muscle pains)
-from what kind of food should I get more energy?
and more

I’ll try to write what I know , but remember if you have a big problem only your doctor is a competent person.

Remember that everybody is different.

I’ll write general information( look in blog- Article).
Send me an e-mail if you need personal advice (look in -About me).
If you have any experience at these questions please share in the Comment Section so we can learn and help each other.