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Monday, December 11, 2006



It is also essential for maintaining good health.
No oxidation reaction can happen without Vitamin C and we would die, defenseless against viruses that constantly attack our body. Our blood vessels would be unable to circulate blood - they would turn into a system of empty tubes.
Unfortunately Vitamin C is a very volatile substance. It disintegrates under the influence of direct sunlight or even regular daylight; cooking in temperature over 212 F (100 C) also destroys it. For example, cooking vegetable soup destroys 50% of Vitamin C, and leaving the soup on the stove for another three hours causes it to lose another 20%. If we let it stand for another six hours or warm it up again, it practically loses all its. This way, if we mainly eat cooked food and on top of that warm it up a few times, we get only minimal amounts of Vitamin C from it.
Luckily, we can fill this gap by eating fruits and vegetables, which contain a lot of Vitamin C. The benefits of eating raw fruits and vegetables have been discovered rather late. Earlier such diet wasn’t recommended - especially for the elderly - because a lot of people experience some form of digestive system disorders.
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Vitamin C makes us immune against colds.
There are epidemic numbers of flu and common cold cases every spring and fall. It suggests that we are highly deficient in this vitamin.

And what about vitamin pills? (next post )