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Friday, October 05, 2007


You need Personal Blender

I have something magnificent to share with you for the weekend. It is easy to make (I don't like to spend much time in kitchen).

This is a recipe I tried out from the fantastic woman

Kristen's Raw

With her permission :
Dazzling Daylight Flower Smoothe from Kristen
Organic edible flowers are not just for salads and garnish. I love using them in smoothies, too! Did you know that organic edible flowers are rich in nectar and pollen (studies have shown pollen to be nutritious with minerals and vitamins). Roses, especially rose hips, are very high in vitamin C. Dandelion blossoms (and yellow flowers, in general) have plenty of vitamin A, while the leaves are loaded with iron, calcium, phosophorous and vitamins A and C. Marigolds and Nasturtium have vitamin C.
I made a magnificent smoothie from fresh organic peaches and edible flowers. You definitely want to try this.

Yield 3 cups

2 large white peaches, pitted
Juice of 1 lemon
1 cup organic edible flowers

Blend the peaches and lemon juice until smooth. Add the flowers and pulse briefly. You want to have gorgeous flecks of colors showing. Enjoy served in a sassy wine glass or goblet.
Thanks Kristen for this wonderful, healthy and delicious recipe and the concept!

Kristen is an author of Raw Food Recipe and Lifestyle ebooks - available on her website at

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Keep enjoying the weekend!