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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


KEVINEK (is he the youngest blogger?)

"When the heart opens up, the heavens open up too" - old chinese saying.

This is my last post. I really need a break.
I'm going to visiting all my friends.

This post I dedicate to my
great friend, very young and smart man - Elween.

Look at this wonderful art- photo:

Elween created this Splendid Art for Kevin!
I love this photo Very Much!

Thank you Elween much, much!

Here is Elween's blog, please visit his very nice, full of humor place:


22 December is my Birthday and I'm going to start blogging again. I hope my lovely blogger friends not forget about me.

What your Birth month means look here:


My Birth month is December:

(click-see larger image)

Have a great, successful and beautiful time my Dear Friends!!!

See you soon !

Big Thanks for your kind, inspiring, suporting comments!

Huggss !