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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


This sweet, beautiful baby
Prachi (11 mths) is suffering from Brain Disease - a rare disease called Leigh's Disease.
We have showed her to a Neuro Surgeon in Bangalore. Consulted with so many other doctors and this they have to say "She will not live for more than 6 mths or Max 1 yr”. We are doing everything here, but still there is no progress. Please help me!! There is no cure for this disease. We have showed her to many doctors, but everybody gives the same answer. But we have still not lost hope. Please can you give me the name and contact number of a good Neuro Surgeon, physiotherapist, whom you think can help us. ....
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Between Friends...

and from Keshi:
Prachi Prayer Project
Together we can send her a lot of positive energy and I believe she will be cured. Angels are on their way! - Keshi
Meditation about healing

Every cell in Prachi's body is one with God's mighty, healing presence.
The presence of God is the one power in her life, a healing presence that gives her energy and strength and a renewed sense of her oneness with the Creator.
She needs to be healed....
I take a moment to become still and feel God's healing power..with Prachi.... ...
The life of God is a real presence in every cell of her body, a presence that restores health and sparks renewal wherever it is needed... ...
In perfect order, the life of God works from the inside out, healing every cell, organ, and system of her body. In the silence, she can feel her oneness with God's healing presence as she is being renewed.
Every cell in her body radiates with the energy and life of God that is working in and through her.... ...
One with God's mighty presence, she is healed. She is whole, well, and renewed.
"Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved." --Jeremiah 17:14
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