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Monday, May 14, 2007


And today I am really very happy - (from my friend Jola))


The condition of the mind greatly influences our physical health.

Research has shown that the brain and immune system communicate with each other. This could explain why
a grateful spirit and a positive mental attitude helps the body fight off disease and recover more quickly from illness.

Happiness is like perfume, you can't pour on others without getting a few drops on your
self (from my friend Pankaj)

In a study conducted in Minnesota, the positive emotions of joy and contentment were strongly correlated with longevity in nuns.
People with anxieties and chronic stress in their lives often experience recurring headaches, back-aches, allergy outbreaks, or other ailments which resolve when the anxiety or stress is eliminated.
Mental illness is often associated with poor physical health.
Solomon tells us that
a cheerful attitude is like good medicine (Proverbs 17:22).

Health is strongly enhanced by cultivating a spirit of gratitude and praise.

Every day is a glorious day since I am still alive and participating in it.
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