Everybody wants to Become Younger, but not everybody wants to do more than wishful thinking about it. If we want to Become Younger and Healthier, we must DO something about it.

Monday, March 19, 2007


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Before you pass up this post with something like, "Yeah, yeah, I should exercise. I know. I’ll read this later", just read a little of it now, please. Later has a funny way of turning into never.
The relationship between a healthy life and regular exercise is irrefutable. Consider the fact, for example, that exercisers have an all-cause mortality rate that is less than one-third that of nonexercisers. Moreover, some form of regular physical activity, even if it’s a very mild form of activity, is crucial for vibrant health. Here’s why:
Unlike the cardiovascular system, which has at its center the heart acting as a pomp to keep the flow of blood going, the lymph system has no such pomp. But lymph fluid must constantly be flowing throughout the body, in the same way that blood must constantly be flowing throughout the body.
Remember, there is three times more lymph fluid in your body than blood.
What is it that does for the lymph system what the heart does for the cardiovascular system?
The flow of lymph through the body is also helped by the muscles in the walls of lymph vessels and by respiration (breathing in and out), but the important contribution of exercise cannot be overstated.
This information should put the need for regular physical activity in a whole new light.
How often have you heard, or even said yourself, "I know I need to exercise, but… . "
Let’s face it, there are probably many reasons, physical, emotional, and psychological, why people don’t exercise. It’s not necessary to delve into all the reasons. What is important is to somehow get those people who are the most sedentary sufficiently motivated to do at least something.
If you are already doing some form of exercise, no matter how little or how much, that’s fine.
You don’t have to join a gym or take aerobics classes. Really, I’m not suggesting you become a world-class athlete. But I will tell you this, and I won’t soften what I’m about to say. Are you serious about doing what you can to live a vibrantly, healthy life free of the pain, anguish, and suffering that disease can cause?
If your answer is yeas, and you are serious, and I mean Really serious, than you must do everything you can to keep your lymph system operating at its highest possible efficiency, and some form of regular physical exercise is a major contributing factor in that effort. Period! There is no way around it.

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