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Sunday, November 26, 2006


Strength Training Doesn't Hurt Older Hearts.

Older adults have no reason to avoid the weight machines at the local gym, according to a reassuring new study. Published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the study dispels concerns about the effect of regular strength training on older adults’ arteries. Researchers at Japan's University of Tsukuba studied a group of adult males over 60 years of age, placing the men on a 12-week daily strength training regimen. At the conclusion of the study period, study subjects were found to have experienced improved nitric oxide blood levels, a key marker of artery function. No evidence of disrupted artery function, or stiffening of the arteries, was found in any of the patients.

What This Means for You ?

A jog around the block or a half-hour on the elliptical machine can be a great boost for cardiovascular health. But if recent findings are any indication, adding a strength-training circuit to your workout regimen could also work wonders.