Everybody wants to Become Younger, but not everybody wants to do more than wishful thinking about it. If we want to Become Younger and Healthier, we must DO something about it.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Blessings Experiment

There are those who would tell us
We will never fight enough wars to bring peace.
We will never feed enough hungry to end starvation.
We will never build enough living spaces to house the homeless.
We will never be outraged enough to end all atrocities.
We will never build enough jails to end crime.
And we will never make the earth green
enough to end global warming.

Maybe it's time to choose another way.

We can choose blessing:

"If we can love, we can bless. All blessings arise from a source of love, whether that is the human heart or the heart of creation." -

David Spangler, Blessing, The Art and Practice"