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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Pray for Others

The thoughtful inspiration of the Daily Word message is here: Dayily Word

God’s spirit of life and renewal is active within my loved ones now.
I picture those I am praying for being blessed by each one of my life-affirming thoughts and prayers.
“Dear God, I give thanks that Your spirit of life and renewal is active within my loved ones now. Whatever the circumstances or conditions may be, I know that healing is taking place within each person. I am partnering with You and with them in affirming their health and vitality.
“I will continue to pray as I move through this day. Each thought of my loved ones is a prayer of faith, and each prayer is an AFFIRMATION of their total well-being.
“Having prayed for the well-being of others, I am refreshed. The thoughts I think and prayers I say for others are returning to bless me. Thank You, God.”
And the Lord restored the fortunes of Job when he had prayed for his friends; and the Lord gave Job twice as much as he had before.”—Job 42:10

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