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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

"About She" by Jeevan

About she
Tuesday, March 11, 2008

she is so cute
just to fall in love at first sight,
caress with hair come by way
to stop and adore while she play

smaller eyelid, hairs to fall along views
looking at eyes to think display dolls,
but fair to move here and there
behave like a childish in manner
and oh she exist hither most

merrily going around and last I find her
to touch gently, she fluctuate in hesitate
might sweetly whispers in the silence
noticing our face a desire on her

dab in tenderness to fondling often
quietly attentive to buss moisture
extremely catwalks as she moves behind
in slender soft crus

look after, the time passes inexpensive
seems she always in playful mode
hops to remain, sweetness to fill within
rooms disturbed with fluid across, and
this little innocent bitch lack for bites.

by Jeevan

from my friend:
Jeevan's World http://jeevansworld.blogspot.com/

"A friend is a present you give yourself"