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Friday, June 01, 2007

JUNE 6/2007 soon. BlogBlast for Peace. ***click***

New: I need your prayer

"Together, we find the way".
Do you want making your own Paceglobe? With Annelisa it is possible. !!!

Founder of the Peace Globe Movement is Mimi.

Official Home of the peace Globe:

I made this humble "Peace Glob 2007" and I am glad that I can participate in this great idea of "BlogBlast for Peace". (click - to enlarge).

June 6 is a Special Day for our World.
"Together, we find the way".

A Perfect World - is it possible?

The world with volcanoes, tsunamis, hurricanes, … wars, terrorism, violence, …,….
What can we do to support the change?
I believe we will change as we detach ourselves from old preconception.

I invite you to hold the vision of the Perfect World:
one in which there is
Peace, Harmony and Love.

What vision can I hold of a world in peace and harmony if I am in constant rejection of the possibility of giving or receiving love?
Look within for your inner perfection and let yourself feel transformed by the vision of the perfect world that your perfect mind holds.
Perhaps, sooner than we can expect to, this inner vision of a perfect world can be part of our outside world as well.

Saving the world - ordinary people, extraordinary acts.

"Together, we find the way".