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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Lovely Words

" Choose to pray...rather than curse" from Carlota

In the beginning was the word… I love the fact that Genesis, in its account of the creation of the universe, starts with, "In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God." And if that is true, that everything began with the word, what does that mean to you? Because although we know that words are powerful, do we know how powerful they really are? Words spoken in anger or upset can literally tear a relationship apart because once a word is out - it can never be retracted. And once it has been heard, it will rattle around inside a person’s head forever. You may even remember a few negative words that a parent or teacher said to you that are still going round in your mind making you feel as bad as you did when you first heard them all those years ago.
I love the way some words move together on the posts and comments section. Are they powerful too?
Words are powerful however we use them. They can be powerful in making us sad, angry and depressed, or they can be powerful in making us happy, upbeat and full of joy.
You always encourage me with your wonderful words. And I want to thank you so much for your understanding and support.
During my first year of blogging I received many great words in comments and in emails. I have two comments that are neither supportive nor nice, neither good critical nor creative.
There you are:
1. What a stupid post . ( post about vegetarian food)
2. Hitler was vegetarian too. (post about vegetarian too)
I think that is not much during one year.
And thanks for these two too if authors feel better.

In this my first post with new template I’d like to thank you for some sweet, great, wonderful words I received from All of you.
Biiig Thanks!!!!

Today’s post I’d like to dedicate to one of my great friend - Carlota . She is not only smart, beautiful friend, but I think, she is the "clairvoyant." Why is my surmise? I thought about changing my template the last few months. But I thought..thought.. and though.. and nothing …
One day when I got up and open my email - I was in shock. BIiiiG SHOCK!
Carlota sant me this beautiful template and unpretentiously asked me:
do you want this template? I made it for you. It is a gift for you.

Isn’t she pretty clairvoyant?
Thank You very much, Carlota!!!

Next time I will be writing about power of words and my other shocks.
Enjoy these beautiful days, and remember to choose your words with loving care!